Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Time for Ireland to Mature

She's the commander in chief of an army that has, and continues to, illegally occupy other people's countries.

She personally honours those who have illegally murdered innocent civilians - the most notable being the soldiers who murdered 14 Derry people on Bloody Sunday.

She believes she has a God given right to rule.

She is the head of a sectarian organisation - no Catholic can ever hold her position.

She, or any of her predecessors, have never ever given up a power - any they lost had to be taken by oppressed people.

Yet, it is those of us who oppose her visit to Ireland that are described as backward, immature, living in the past. When Elizabeth Windsor comes to Ireland next month she will witness a slavish knee-bending Irish establishment.

This is not a new departure. When British monarchs visited in the past they were greeted by the same types. This won't be a sign that we have moved on. Rather it will be a sign that within our political system there remains the same backward lackeys that there has always been.

However, there are some of us who are mature enough, forward looking enough and progressive enough to know that there are better ways to spend millions of taxpayers euro in these recessionary times. Some of us will protest at the visit, some will attend alternative events. Most of those who will oppose the visit, I believe a silent majority, will stay at home wondering how to meet next months bills and concerned that at the time when Irish destinies are being sold to International institutions our establishment will have the nerve to bend the knee to someone who still believes she is our supreme ruler in a Garden of Remembrance created to honour the legacy of real leaders who, we know by their words and deeds, despised everything that the British monarchy represented.

It's time for Ireland to mature - It's time we stopped bowing to outdated, regressive regimes.

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