Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Want to get a picture on our Christmas Card?

I don't like talking about Christmas prior to December 21st but some things need to be organised a bit in advance. In fact I'm probably leaving this a bit late.

Each year I, on behalf of Sinn Féin in Carrickmacross, send out about 300 Christmas Cards to long time supporters and constituents who we think would appreciate the gesture. Don't worry - we pay for the printing and postage ourselves and don't use state funding or Oireachtas envelopes.

Anyway, we usually use a drawing or photo of a County Monaghan landmark on the Christmas card and this is where you come in:

If you or someone you know is (or wants to be) a budding artist or photographer and would like to be on our Christmas card then send a piece of work and we might use it. You can e-mail it to me at

As I say we usually go for a landmark of some description and that is what we have in mind for this year also. BUT - we're willing to be convinced otherwise - so if you have a better suggestion send it into us and we'll take it on board. We will, of course, credit the artist/ photographer on the card and although we don't have a pile of money we will make a little token gesture of thanks to whoever's work we use.

So, get cracking and send me in your ideas, drawings, photos, whatever you think might like good on our card. We'll be sending the cards for print in the first week of November so we'll need them by Oiche Samhain/ October 31st if possible.