Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lisbon Treaty Re-Run campaign intensifies

Well, maybe the title is a bit misleading. But, certainly those campaigning for a Yes vote are getting their act together quickly. For those of us who dearly want to see the Irish people once again stand up for themselves and reject this bad treaty the very thought of another campaign is draining.

Prior to the last campaign I read the Lisbon treaty. And, even though I can now quote very few of the exact phrases/ sections/ paragraphs etc, you can have your shite if you think I’m going to read it again. I’ll leave that to Eoin O’Broin.

Of course I’ll read the summaries and the analysis and the opinion pieces (most of which incidentally will be written by people who didn’t read it the first time and won’t read it this time either). It just sickens me the contempt that those advocating a Yes vote have and the brass neck on them when it comes to this subject. They are oozing confidence; and perhaps they have every reason. I just hope that we can take those smug, patronising, self-serving smirks off their faces in October.

I may return to this subject again so at this stage suffice to make these short points:
1. The Lisbon Treaty was a Bad Deal last year – It’s still a Bad Deal.
2. The rejection of the Lisbon Treaty had nothing to do with the recession – the no vote didn’t create it and a yes vote won’t reverse it.
3. There is nothing patriotic, or even sensible, about a state giving even more power to a commission or a council of Ministers for which, once decisions are made and directives issued, provide no democratic mechanism for reversing them.

This will be a defining moment for the Irish People (well those in the 26 counties who’ll have a vote). I hear so much about how mature our country has become; how sophisticated we now are; how outward looking the Irish People are seen.
Well this is the opportunity to prove it.
Like any good parent can we, on this occasion, say:
No means No!

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