Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Blog

About four months ago I couldn't be bothered with social networking sites. Years of pestering from friends and family to setup a bebo page were resisted without a second thought.
Then for some reason I agreed. I was on bebo and I was hooked in a matter of days. Since then I joined facebook (without doubt the best in social networking sites), myspace (still haven't a clue how it works) and twitter (no good for someone like me who cannot say in one sentence what can easily be stretched to twenty).

So here, I presume, is the next step - I'm writing a blog. But don't worry; I can't see myself posting too often but I'm going to give it a go. I'm still not sure how this thing works. Does anybody even read other people's blogs unless they have a unique insight into a particular subject or can offer rare pieces of gossip from time to time? Because I can offer neither.

What I do hope to provide is:
1. An outlet for people, especially Monaghan people living away from home, to hear some of the things that are happening around here.
2. Let people know of upcoming events etc. that may be of interest.
3. A little bit of debate etc. on some of the important issues of the day i.e. will Monaghan beat Derry this Saturday; will Sinn Féin regroup and become the potent force we know Ireland needs it to be; will Ireland be a better place now that questions and answers will no longer be on telly? (yes, by the way, is the answer to these particular questions)

So, let me know what you think and especially tell me when I'm being a prick (once a month limit per person though - my ego can only take so much).

Here goes... The conversion is complete - I'm on blogger!

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